TUSD to USDC Converter

Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert TUSD to USDC

How to Convert TUSD to USDC

Converting TUSD to USDC is straightforward, you should find an exchange that offers direct conversion, 24/7 support, and the best security. The cryptocurrency market abounds with exchanges containing easy-to-use and user-friendly platforms where you can convert TUSD to USDC and other cryptocurrencies. Compare TUSD to USDC conversion rates from multiple exchanges to find the best platform with best prices and lowest transaction fees. Besides analyzing price charts by different cryptocurrency exchanges, consider factors such as security protocols to find one that suits your needs.



What is TrueUSD?

TrueUSD (TUSD) is a stablecoin pegged on real U.S. dollars’ value. As a result, TUSD maintains a 1:1 ratio with the U.S. dollar, regardless of the prevailing cryptocurrency market conditions. TrustToken created this fully-collateralized ERC-20 as the first regulated stable coin in 2018. TrueUSD uses multiple escrow accounts to guarantee solid fund management. Traders can buy and store TUSD without worrying about market volatility, data security, or counterparty risks. This reliable stablecoin remains among the few asset-backed tokens benefitting holders that want to avoid high price swings during market downturn.


What is USD Coin?

The USD Coin that trades as USDC is a stablecoin fully collateralized with the U.S. dollar. As a result, it is backed by financial institutions and fully audited. Anyone looking for an alternative stablecoin to Tether (USDT) or TrueUSD will find USDC a choice that brings stability in risk-hedging, financial lending, and trading. The 2018 collaboration between Coinbase and Circle gave birth to a stablecoin that tokenizes the U.S. dollar to allow token holders to trade easily. This ERC-20 stablecoin brings much-needed stability to the cryptocurrency market.


Convert TUSD to USDC using Rubix

Rubix is a global cryptocurrency trading platform that offers direct conversion for TUSD to USDC among other trading pairs. The platform interface is intuitive and user-friendly for anyone looking to convert TrueUSD to USD Coin or any other cryptocurrency assets. Rubix’s trading section is easy to navigate. You will see various tabs clearly labeled on Rubix’s convert page.

First, go to the “Markets” tab to see the many cryptocurrencies you can buy with TUSD. You will see the price of the base currencies displayed with live updates on the current exchange rates. Next, choose your trading as TUSD/USDC from the many options available in Rubix. Double-check to confirm that TUSD is on the left side and USDC on the right before entering the amount you wish to convert. Authorize the transaction and your USDC will be added to your Rubix wallet.


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