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How to Convert NEO to USD

While cryptocurrency may seem complex, Rubix makes it simple with the user-friendly platform and high liquidity. If you want to convert NEO to USD, you will need to have your own NEO to start with. You can acquire it by trading on Rubix, or from another source, and then deposit it in your Rubix wallet. From here, set up a currency pairing between NEO and USD. Decide the amount of USD you want to receive and fill in the corresponding field. The other field will automatically populate based on the latest exchange rate. If the trade seems favorable, execute it and you will successfully convert NEO to USD.

About NEO & USD


What is Neo?

NEO is a blockchain and crypto coin that uses technology built off of a similar foundation as Ethereum. As a programmable chain, it supports smart contracts, applications and more intelligent applications of blockchain technology. In the long-term, the creators of NEO intend to use it as a foundation for a decentralized, peer-to-peer smart economy.

However, the unique distinction between NEO and other programmable coins is that at the top level, they have a centralized design and can adhere to financial regulations more easily than other coins. In the past, this was seen as an opportunity to become uniquely successful in the Chinese market. The current restrictions on cryptocurrency in China have hit NEO particularly hard as a result, but if any currency will find acceptance in this environment, it is likely NEO.


What is USD?

The US Dollar is the United States’ fiat currency and the most widely accepted currency in the world. While it has the inflationary tendencies that drive people away from fiat, USD is nonetheless indispensable to any trader. Despite depreciating over time, the dollar is remarkably stable over the short-term and is an ideal medium of exchange. As such, many traders use cryptocurrencies as stores of value to resist inflation while relying on USD for day-to-day trading and purchasing. Furthermore, the extreme liquidity of USD means that you can usually convert cryptocurrencies to it quickly and easily. If you want to convert NEO to USD in a safe, cost-efficient way, you should turn to Rubix.


Convert NEO to USD using Rubix

Rubix is an ideal partner for all of your trading concerns, including converting NEO to USD. If you are interested in acquiring NEO, you will need to be able to convert from USD from time to time. The Rubix advantage consists of several elements, such as our first-rate liquidity and excellent trading tools.

However, one of the biggest advantages we offer over the competition is outstanding security and ease of use. Whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out, turn to Rubix to keep your peace of mind as you convert NEO to USD.


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