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How to Convert DOGE to USD

While Dogecoin may have started out as a joke, it is much more than that nowadays. This meme-driven coin has become a recognizable fixture of the crypto space, with a passionate community that truly cares about the coin. If you want to invest in DOGE, it is likely that you will want to take your profits in USD, the most liquid currency among exchanges. When that is the case, you will need a good DOGE to USD converter to support your investing. Look no further than Rubix, a trusted, reliable exchange with high liquidity that supports quick, safe exchanges from DOGE to USD and vice versa.

About DOGE & USD


What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is an iconic memecoin that has seen widespread adoption thanks to the cultural cachet of the adorable meme that decorates the currency. While it started out as a simple community project for fun, it clearly has its finger on the pulse of modern internet culture. It has seen skyrocketing value over the years, particularly after high-profile references from prestigious figures and famous personalities. While it is volatile as cryptocurrencies often are, Dogecoin has nonetheless stood the test of time.


What is USD?

USD is the fiat currency of the United States, and this status comes with several advantages. While it does have inflationary qualities, US monetary policy seeks to protect the strength of the dollar when possible. It is not as unstable as other fiat currencies, and US dollars are extremely easy to access and trade. While it is becoming increasingly common to use non-inflationary cryptocurrencies as stores of value, USD is a convenient and effective medium of exchange that retains its value across the entire globe. These factors are why USD is the top source of liquidity in most trading.


Convert DOGE to USD using Rubix

If you need to convert your DOGE to USD, we believe that the choice is obvious. Most exchanges may support these exchanges, but Rubix has distinct advantages that make it a favorite choice of new and old traders alike. On the one hand, our exchange is distinctly easy to use and consumer-friendly with our secure, easy-to-use trading platform. We also boast advanced, real-time trading tools and technology that facilitate fast exchanges with the latest data.


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