About Rubix


Imagine a way to send and receive money, share exciting news with your family or colleagues, post pictures of your kids or travels, all without the fear of compromising your privacy and personal information.

Rubix is a secure digital cryptocurrency trading platform designed to connect you with the people, ideas, and content you care about, so that you can share your ideas with the world without compromising your privacy. Our commitment is to respect our user privacy, putting the power back into the hands of online consumers and creators.

Rubix was established in 2018 with a dream to create an industry-leading cryptocurrency trading platform with superior-level security. Founded on the belief that consumers are creators, Rubix aims to give everyone the ability to share information across the internet without the fear of their privacy being used to turn them into products targeted by advertising.

What makes our cryptocurrency trading platform different is that it doesn’t collect user data at all, even from other platforms, eliminating targeted advertising. By using unique, industry-leading encryption, multi-factor authentication, and our new account recovery system, not even the Rubix engineers are able to see user data.

As the world continues to become more dependent on digital solutions, our goal at Rubix is to provide people across the globe with a completely secure digital home for financial, creative, and personal information, with our products built strategically to power each other. This idea starts with Rubix, a cryptocurrency digital wallet for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and other digital currencies that will allow users to securely store, buy, sell, and trade their assets in one location.

Unlike other multi-faceted digital platforms, Rubix will provide ways to exchange money, send messages, and connect the world without fear. Discover how Rubix can power your ideas while safeguarding your information today.