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How to Convert BCD to USD

To convert your Bitcoin Diamonds to US Dollars, you will need to find a site that will allow you to trade in BCD for USD. Here are some of the best ways to do this:

Local exchanges: You can sell your BCD for USD directly with other people through peer-to-peer networks. These exchanges often offer various other fiat currencies, including EUR, GBP, and CAD.

Exchanges that support bitcoin diamonds: The best way is to find an exchange that supports Bitcoin Diamonds. When looking at available exchanges, ensure it supports BCD to USD and other trading pairs before purchasing any coins. Multiple reputable exchanges offer this option and accept fiat deposits from all over the world.

About BCD & USD


What is Bitcoin Diamond?

Bitcoin Diamond is a cryptocurrency created by forking the original Bitcoin blockchain on November 24th, 2017, and diverging from the original blockchain by changing how mining works. The new system was designed to make mining more democratic — anyone with a computer can mine this coin without expensive mining equipment.

Bitcoin Diamond is an alternative to the original bitcoin, created in 2009. Bitcoin Diamond has a 74% miner’s fee and is ASIC resistant for GPU mining. You can also purchase BCD on various cryptocurrency exchanges.


What is USD?

The US dollar refers to a widely circulated currency of the United States. The United States dollar is usually represented by the symbol “$”. The US dollar was originally defined in 1792 on a piece of paper known as a silver certificate, which later became commonly referred to as “greenbacks” because they were printed on green ink.
The dollar is a relative fiat — currently not backed by any physical commodity or precious metal such as silver or gold. It is the most widely used currency unit in world markets. The dollar is also one of the top five most traded currencies in foreign exchange markets.

The United States dollar is the world’s most valuable currency in market capitalization. It also serves as a reserve currency to other currencies such as the Australian Dollar. The US Dollar is the largest reserve currency in terms of its supply and demand — directly affecting global trade. It makes up about 60% of all foreign exchange held by central banks worldwide.


Convert BCD to USD using Rubix

Converting the Bitcoin Diamond to U.S. Dollar can be achieved using Rubix. The exchange allows you to trade for a range of cryptocurrencies at the current market rate. Below is the step by step guide of converting your BCD to USD Rubix:

Step 1: Sign up for a new account.
Step 2: Proceed to deposit Bitcoin Diamond.
Step 3: Select BCD to USD trading pair.
Step 4: Enter the amount of BCD you want to convert to USD and confirm the transaction.


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