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How to Convert BNB to USDC

To convert BNB to USDC, you have three options: join a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange, sign up for a centralized exchange, or try to sell BNB and locate a buyer. When you sell BNB directly to another person, you risk revealing your identity or falling prey to scams. Established exchanges like Rubix provide a barrier so you can convert your BNB quickly and securely.

Before you sign up, browse the exchange to ensure that you can buy, sell, send and receive currencies as well as convert them. Then, join an exchange where you have access to the entire market at once. Rubix hosts dozens of tokens, so you have access to virtually anything, including BNB and USDC. With factual, unbiased data, Rubix helps you decide if you should convert your BNB to USDC — and if you do, the accessible platform guides you through the transaction.

About BNB & USDC


What is Binance Coin?

BNB lives on the Binance blockchain. When you interact with the Binance ecosystem, you use BNB to pay for fees and services. Use BNB to buy investments, take out loans, pay crypto bills, make transactions, and even purchase gifts like lottery tickets. You’ll receive a discount on transaction fees when using BNB instead of other currencies.

While BNB started as an ERC-20 token compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, Binance now hosts BNB directly on the Binance Chain. During the initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017, Binance distributed 80 million tokens to the finance team, 20 million to investors and 100 million to public sales. 200 million is the maximum cap–after that, Binance will no longer mint BNB.


What is USD Coin?

USD Coin is a stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollars at a one-to-one ratio. Essentially, USDC introduces U.S. dollars to the Ethereum blockchain and makes it easy to convert USDC to fiat currency. In addition, the Centre consortium holds USD in reserves as collateral that keeps USDC stable. With fiat currency backing, USDC is more stable than other currencies that fluctuate wildly.

USDC provides stable investments, access to blockchain applications and less exposure to inflation. Add USDC to your portfolio as a backup token, then exchange it for USD whenever you need to liquefy your assets. Rubix offers a simple exchange system that quickly trade BNB for USDC.


Convert BNB to USDC using Rubix

Stablecoins enrich your portfolio — and if you do not want to spend money, trade your existing cryptocurrency instead. For example, with Rubix, you do not have to sell your BNB and buy USDC with the money you just earned. Instead, you will convert currencies directly through the platform. This minimizes time and transaction fees so you can go back to managing your investments.

To start trading with Rubix, sign up for a free account, add funds and buy cryptocurrency from the exchange. Our conversion options allow you to experiment with different currencies or reduce investments that have not paid off. After the trade, use the platform to see how much your portfolio is worth, track the current market prices, browse other cryptocurrencies and send or receive tokens through your wallet.


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