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How to Convert DOGE to ETH

Converting cryptocurrencies, such as DOGE to ETH, for novice traders can be pretty overwhelming and a convoluted process at the beginning. However, with the advent of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Rubix, you can trade directly from your account easily and confidently. Converting DOGE to ETH is now quick, simple and secure with Rubix.

About DOGE & ETH


What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was founded in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus as a joke based on a meme of a Shiba Inu (a Japanese breed of dog). DOGE is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and, despite its beginnings as a sarcastic joke, has become a popular cryptocurrency used widely for tipping on social media content.

Notable features of Dogecoin are its unlimited supply and low cost, which has gained the currency a loyal community of supporters. Its underlying technology is based on Litecoin, and it uses a scrypt algorithm.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform powered by blockchain that is perhaps known best for its native token, ETH. The market value of Ethereum is only surpassed by Bitcoin, rendering ETH the second most valuable cryptocurrency. Smart contracts are a critical component of how Ethereum operates and the platform supports a range of decentralized apps, also known as dApps.

Vitalik Buterin published a whitepaper in 2013 outlining the development of the original Ethereum concept. Ethereum was officially launched in 2015 with Joe Lubin, co-founder of the blockchain software company ConsenSys. Ethereum is often considered comparable to its rival Bitcoin. However, the two platforms are quite different in their operations. While Bitcoin is almost exclusively a platform for its token, BTC, Ethereum sees itself as an electronic, programmable network with many applications. Additionally, Ethereum theoretically has an unlimited number of tokens to issue while Bitcoin has an absolute limit of 21 million tokens.


Convert DOGE to ETH using Rubix

The trading tools built into the Rubix platform make purchasing your DOGE tokens easy and secure, giving you the ability to trade directly from your account. Rubix supports dozens of other cryptocurrencies aside from DOGE and ETH. If diversifying your cryptocurrency holdings is of interest to you, you can buy, sell and trade many types of tokens. Additionally, you can exchange your DOGE and ETH tokens directly for fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR or GBP and withdraw the balance to your bank account.

The Rubix app is a powerful tool for managing your cryptocurrency assets. Pay for products and services and send funds to friends and family, all while knowing your funds are safeguarded. Keep your DOGE to ETH transactions secure with Rubix.


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