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How to Convert EOS to ETH

Converting cryptocurrencies, such as EOS to ETH, no longer has to be a difficult and time-consuming process. No more searching for a specific individual selling ETH for EOS and striking a deal, or selling your EOS for another currency and then buying ETH, which is a real pain and comes with a range of extra fees. With the advent of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Rubix, you can trade directly from your account. Trading cryptocurrencies has become fast, simple and secure.

About EOS & ETH


What is Eos?

EOS is a blockchain-based platform that uses the EOS.IO system architecture. Its primary function is the development of business applications. The platform supports secure access, data hosting and authentication, permissioning, usage management, and communication between business applications (dApps) and the Internet.

These functions make it a direct competitor of Ethereum, although Ethereum remains much more well established and better known to traders. EOS.IO is an open-source platform that was developed by Block.one, which raised $4.1 billion for EOS’ initial launch in 2018.


What is Ethereum?

In terms of market cap, Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency, only exceeded by Bitcoin. Ethereum is a blockchain-powered platform that supports a range of decentralized apps, or dApps and is best known for its native token, ETH. The fundamental building blocks of Ethereum are its Smart Contracts, which allow traditional contracts to be changed into digital ones that cannot be altered.

Vitalik Buterin produced a whitepaper in 2013 detailing the original Ethereum concept and went on to officially launch Ethereum in 2015 with Joe Lubin, founder of the blockchain software company ConsenSys. People often compare Ethereum with its main rival, Bitcoin, but there are basic differences in how the two platforms operate. Bitcoin is almost exclusively a platform for its token, BTC, while Ethereum sees itself as an electronic, programmable network with many applications. Additionally, while Bitcoin has an absolute limit of 21 million tokens, Ethereum, theoretically speaking, has no limit.


Convert EOS to ETH using Rubix

Converting EOS to ETH is straightforward when using the trading tools built into the Rubix app that enable direct trading from your account. But Rubix does not just handle EOS to ETH conversions; the platform also makes it easy to buy, sell and convert hundreds of other cryptocurrencies. With the Rubix app, it is easy to manage your cryptocurrency assets, and you can also securely exchange your tokens directly for the fiat currency of your choice.

Send funds to friends and family, pay for products and services or just invest for the future, all the while knowing your funds are safe. Keep your EOS to ETH transactions safe and secure with Rubix.


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