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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert ETH to BNB

How to Convert ETH to BNB

Converting ETH to BNB is simple once you have chosen an exchange that supports direct conversions. If you do not already have an account with Rubix, you can start by signing up and making an account. After you set up your wallet, you will be able to deposit your Ethereum with the exchange. Your next step is setting up a currency pairing of ETH to BNB, which shows you the latest exchange rate possible. Input the amount of BNB that you want to receive, and it will automatically display the necessary ETH to get the conversion you are looking for. If you have sufficient Ethereum in your wallet, you can approve the trade and enjoy your new BNB.

About ETH & BNB

ETH and BNB are both extremely popular currencies, with ETH being one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and BNB standing as a more recent up-and-comer. Here is the run-down on both coins.


What is Ethereum?

If Bitcoin represents the original revolution in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, Ethereum was the next big step forward. It made use of a unique take on the blockchain that made it programmable so that developers could create applications and smart contracts that automatically enforce their terms. With this, cryptocurrency blossomed from simply being a medium of exchange to being the potential foundation of an entirely new decentralized financial system.

Smart contracts already exist to facilitate peer-to-peer lending, interest collection, liquidity provisioning and much more, and it all started with Ethereum. Since then, many new blockchains have implemented Ethereum’s innovations as well as their own, but Ethereum nonetheless stands as the second most popular crypto by market cap. It is one of the two cryptocurrencies with the greatest penetration into the global market, and many investors consider it an even stronger long-term bet than Bitcoin.


What is Binance Coin?

BNB is the utility token of Binance, one of the leading exchanges. It is not a conventional coin insofar as it is not mined but is given out as a reward system by the exchange itself. Those who hold BNB can use it to pay for transaction fees on Binance, potentially netting great savings over the long term. This gives BNB a unique underlying strength that has contributed to impressive long-term gains in price and continues to attract new investors. While BNB has not risen to the heights of Ethereum and Bitcoin yet, it is certainly an exciting coin to watch. It is also an excellent practical example of the potential for private organizations to mint their own tokens to create compelling value propositions for customers and may inspire many imitators in the future.


Convert ETH to BNB using Rubix

If you have got plenty of ETH and want to get in on BNB or vice versa, using Rubix is the way to go. While many exchanges do not offer many trading combinations between cryptos and require you to use fiat, Rubix enables you to trade efficiently by skipping these extra steps. Furthermore, our exchange has excellent liquidity as well as modern trading technology that facilitates accurate and quick investment decisions.


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