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How to Convert TRX to USDT

While many cryptocurrencies are vying to topple Ethereum as the leading smartcoin, some carve their own path. There are few better examples than Tronix and Tether, which have highly unique functionality and rich utility that help them stand out from the pack. While Tether is a novel stablecoin that relies on the backing of US dollars to achieve a 1:1 price with USD, Tronix takes the blockchain into gaming and entertainment. Newcomers and connoisseurs alike appreciate the potential of both of these important tokens.

About TRX & USDT


What is TRON?

Justin Sun created TRON in 2017 through his Singapore-based non-profit TRON Foundation. While Sun has taken his notoriety and iconic status into pressing for political recognition of crypto, the TRON Foundation continues to manage the blockchain and token separately. With the TRON blockchain, it is possible to host and create media and original content on a decentralized platform. Whereas traditional centralized platforms take the majority of profit for owners and shareholders, TRON promises to put power in the hands of the creators who make the platform what it is.

This unique value proposition has seen impressive gains in value for Tronix, the token of the TRON blockchain. After the initial launch, the value stabilized between $0.016 and $0.025 while seeing stratospheric rises during the 2021 bull market. Tronix has often held a value above $0.06 per token throughout the spring of 2022.


What is Tether?

USDT serves a unique utility within the crypto space by essentially operating as digital dollars. While the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency carries many advantages, such as independence from central banking, it also contributes to high volatility. Tether Limited created Tether and hosts the token on multiple blockchains, backing each USDT token with a US dollar on a 1:1 basis. This facilitates a level of short-term stability that makes Tether ideal as a medium of exchange in the DeFi space, contributing to its enduring popularity.

Despite having a much lower market cap than Bitcoin, the demand for Tether as a medium of exchange means it can often post trading volumes double that of BTC. While people do not hold USDT as an investment asset, it offers an outstanding utility that anyone serious about DeFi needs to appreciate. If you want to cash out profits from a token like Tronix and make a transaction, it is often a good idea to convert it to USDT first. If you want to convert TRX to USDT, using Rubix is your best choice.


Convert TRX to USDT using Rubix

While many exchanges support TRX and USDT, Rubix stands out as an excellent choice for any investor. Whether you are devoted to decentralization or want to diversify your investment portfolio with these traditionally high-performing assets, consider your advantages with Rubix. For one, we offer industry-leading encryption and highly secure measures for your assets. On top of that, we use advanced trading tools that provide real-time data and fast, easy trading between many different cryptocurrencies.


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