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How to Convert USDC to USD

Get cash for your cryptocurrency when you convert USDC to USD with Rubix. Since USDC is a stablecoin, you can expect a return similar to what you paid. USDC is backed with a 1:1 ratio with the U.S. dollar, making it easy to convert one to another.

Sign up for Rubix to join the exchange and buy your first USDC. Rubix offers accurate market graphs that update in real-time, so you always know how your investment is doing.

About USDC & USD


What is USD Coin?

USD Coin is a stablecoin backed by the USD dollar at a 1:1 ratio. Since Circle and Coinbase store USD in their reserves, USD Coin maintains a stable value that theoretically won’t fluctuate. So when you add USD Coin to your portfolio, you will have security if the rest of your investments suddenly plunge.

USD Coin is an ERC-20 token that you can use on compatible blockchains, including Ethereum. When you sell USD Coin for USD, the token is “burned” to maintain the 1:1 ratio. USD Coin’s versatility makes it ideal for exchanges and transactions throughout the globe. You can also quickly liquify USD Coin when you need cash on hand.

Buy USD Coin from Rubix to add stablecoin to your portfolio. Then, instead of checking your investment every day, you can pop in once a week or so to see if your token has retained its value.


What is USD?

USD is a fiat currency managed by the United States Federal Reserve. While USD primarily circulates throughout the U.S., other countries like Panama officially recognize USD. Nearly 90% of foreign exchange transactions involve USD, primarily with the euro. The government once backed USD with gold reserves, but USD is currently a free-floating currency with no collateral.

Many investors prefer cryptocurrency over USD because it is transparent, offers fewer fees, and is easy to trade with anyone in the world. However, USD is essential for companies and services that do not accept crypto. So when you need quick cash, trade your USD Coin with USD to get money right in your bank account.


Convert USDC to USD using Rubix

With Rubix, it only takes seconds to join the platform. Sign up for an account, deposit funds and buy your first tokens. If you want to make cash profits, start with a token like USDC and convert it to USD later. You can also convert your USDC to another token or sell it and use the profits for more investments.

You can use the platform through the browser or download the Rubix app so you can exchange your USDC for USD when you need the cash. You can also watch the market, buy other tokens and receive coins through your digital wallet. Finally, send USDC to friends if they need a stablecoin in their portfolio.


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