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How to Convert ZEC to USD

Cryptocurrency trading platforms like Rubix make converting crypto assets both fast and easy. ZEC is a privacy-protecting digital cryptocurrency, and USD stands for the US Dollar. Safely convert ZEC to USD by creating an account and funding it with your ZEC. Once your account is active, making an exchange is as simple as entering your desired amount into the exchange window. Rubix will also automatically match you with the best prices on the market.

About ZEC & USD


What is Zcash?

Zcash came about when a group of seven scientists decided they wanted a cryptocurrency that was similar to Bitcoin, but with additional features focused on privacy. They believed that Bitcoin had flaws in its security and wanted this new cryptocurrency to have added security mechanisms. In their outline, they called their cryptocurrency Zerocash.

In 2015, Zerocoin Electric Coin Company was created. The following year, the name of the coin
was changed to Zcash, and the company rebranded itself with a slight variation as the Electric Coin Company.

Zcash is the first cryptocurrency to use the zk-SNARK security protocol. This protocol ensures that the parties involved in every transaction are verified, but it does not reveal that information to the network or each other. The Zcash blockchain is also encrypted, which prevents transaction information from being tracked. One of the appeals of zk-SNARK is that it adds this additional layer of protection.


What is USD?

USD stands for the US dollar. One of the world’s strongest currencies, the first US dollar as we know it today, was printed in 1914. This was after the Federal Reserve Bank was created.

However, the first use of paper currency to be documented was in 1690. Colonial notes were used to fund military operations by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Nine days before Independence in 1776, the first $2 bill was introduced. Using the symbol for the Spanish American peso as inspiration, the US then officially had a dollar sign.

Before 1869, money was printed by private companies. Six years prior, in 1863, the National Currency Bureau and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency were established, with both agencies being given the job of handling banknotes and the centralized printing at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. At one time there were only as many US dollars in circulation as there was gold in the federal reserve, but that is no longer the case.


Convert ZEC to USD using Rubix

Using Rubix to convert ZEC to USD is not a complicated process. Rubix works much like other exchanges in the sense that users create an account, fund their wallets, and then have access to the dashboard. Trades are executed when an exchange order is placed by inputting the order into the exchange window. It then matches you with the best market price.

Rubix uses an innovative account protection system to ensure the safety of users’ accounts. Rubix is a safe and secure way to manage, buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies of all kinds.


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