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How to Convert ATOM to BTC

If you want to convert ATOM to BTC, your first step is setting up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. As a baseline, the exchange needs to support both ATOM and BTC, and you need to be sure you can trade safely. In both cases, trading ATOM and BTC with Rubix is a great choice. Once you set up your account, you need to deposit ATOM in the wallet. Finally, set up the ATOM to BTC pairing so you can see how much you will receive in exchange for your ATOM. If the exchange rate seems fair, approve the exchange and be happy with your new BTC.

About ATOM & BTC


What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is one of the new third generation cryptocurrencies that aim to be smarter and more environmentally friendly. Where the first and second generations of cryptocurrencies use energy-intensive, Proof-of-Work mining and lack scalability, Cosmos applies innovative measures to tackle both of these problems. On one hand, it uses its own Proof-of-Stake protocol to cut down on energy consumption while offering rewards for those who stake their ATOM and run a validator node. But the greatest innovation that Cosmos brings to the market is that it works as an interoperable, connected network of blockchains. This brings rich, new functionality to the fore and prevents ATOM from suffering from the overextension that impacts currencies like BTC.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency that launched with Satoshi’s specifications for a decentralized, digital currency after the 2008 Stock Market Crash. It uses the original blockchain and stands as the market leader thanks to its name recognition and time in the market. Bitcoin is the most popular choice of cryptocurrency as an investment asset and is the cryptocurrency that institutions accept as legal tender with the greatest frequency.

However, being the first has its disadvantages. Bitcoin’s technology has some hard limits, especially compared to the greater potential utilities that smart contracts have. As BTC became more popular than Satoshi ever envisioned, its blockchain became overburdened and transactions are now slower than most competitors. However, these limitations have also helped keep BTC pure and simple in a way that has created new opportunities. In practice, BTC holders are probably not thinking of making purchases with the coin but instead use it as a digital store of value and a hedge against inflation. Bitcoin’s unique technology and proven staying power ensure that it occupies a distinct, valuable niche in the world of cryptocurrency.


Convert ATOM to BTC using Rubix

ATOM and BTC have complementary capabilities that mean it is well worth holding both of them. One strategy that a person might use is staking ATOM to earn rewards, which they then convert to BTC. If you want to convert ATOM to BTC, there is no doubt that using Rubix is the way to go. Where other exchanges might not support these direct transactions and force you to use fiat as an in-between, we facilitate many direct coin-to-coin trading pairs. Not to mention, Rubix also incorporates advanced trading tools with real-time data as well as advanced encryption for security purposes.


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