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How to Convert ATOM to USD

Traditionally, the conversion process from Cosmos (ATOM) to USD was inefficient and required you to find willing sellers. That was time-consuming and ineffective. Today, digital marketplaces such as cryptocurrency exchanges have made the process more seamless and quicker. They easily convert your coins to fiat currencies, then allow you to transfer them to your bank account.

Crypto exchanges work similarly to traditional trading platforms. They have features for bid and ask orders in the crypto markets. Additionally, some marketplaces offer limit and margin options that allow you to create advanced crypto trading strategies. Rubix is one of the best exchanges that provide a simplified platform to help users navigate the conversion process with ease.

The first step of converting ATOM to USD is opening a Rubix account. The process is free, fast and convenient. This will give you access to advanced trading tools and resources to place your orders. Once you are done with the transactions, you can withdraw your fiat directly to your bank account. Navigating through the different features is easy due to the user-friendly interface.

About ATOM & USD


What is Cosmos?

Cosmos, also known as the internet of blockchains, is a cryptocurrency that unites several crypto networks. The networks are interconnected and transact with each other through open-source tools. This customization feature is what makes it unique.

Cosmos creates an environment that enables the blockchains to share information and tokens through a decentralized system. A new blockchain network created in a Cosmos is referred to as a zone. A zone record is maintained in the hub.


What is USD?

The US dollar (USD), popularly referred to as the “greenback,” is the fiat currency issued by the Federal Reserve in the United States. It is used as a reserve currency by major global central banks. Additionally, it is the most exchanged in the FX market. This is due to its price stability.

The dollar value is derived from the Dollar Index (U.S.), a basket of money from other close trading countries. Examples include the Euro, Japan Yen, CNY, and the British Pound currencies.


Convert ATOM to USD using Rubix

Rubix’s secure cryptocurrency exchange facilitates the conversion of coins to other crypto and fiat currencies. The app’s user-friendly currency conversion interface sets itself apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges. The easy-to-navigate platform makes it simple for users to convert ATOM to USD and withdraw it directly to their bank accounts. Rubix’s reputation also guarantees your money is securely handled. In addition, the app helps solve liquidity problems and gives you price options due to a higher volume market.

Getting started with Rubix is as simple as filling out a few details when signing up for a new account. Once all set, you will gain access to resources that will allow you to trade and convert your currency.


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