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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert DASH to USD

How to Convert DASH to USD

When converting cryptocurrencies to major fiat currencies, you need to use a secure exchange. That also applies to exchanging your DASH coins to USD so that you move the cash to your bank account. Rubix is a credible crypto exchange you can count on to convert your DASH into USD.

The exchange process is pretty straightforward. Perhaps, this explains why DASH is the preferred cryptocurrency for daily transactions. When using Rubix, the converter will calculate the amount you want in real-time. It will also provide you with real-time rates.

Follow these steps to convert your DASH coins to USD:
1. First, sign in with Rubix or create an account if you do not have one already.
2. Then, open the Rubix cryptocurrency converter on your browser or app.
3. Select DASH to USD
4. Enter the number of coins you wish to exchange for USD and convert the coins.
5. You will receive the corresponding US dollar amount.
6. Withdraw the USD to your bank account.

About DASH & USD


What is Dash?

The DASH cryptocurrency first emerged in 2014 and is the brainchild of Evan Duffield. Initially, it was known as xCoin, before being renamed Darkcoin. In 2015, the coin’s name changed to Dash and has remained so since then. The coin’s primary focus is to streamline the transactional space. For this reason, the Dash coin is usable as a payment method for merchants.

DASH utilizes Proof-of-Work as its primary consensus mechanism. As such, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can mine it. Likewise, the cryptocurrency can be purchased on major exchanges such as Rubix. In addition, Dash is among the few crypto coins that have successfully adopted self-funding and self-governance.

Typically, Dash receives its development funds from proceeds generated by the blockchain. Moreover, the coin’s governance is managed by the owners of the master nodes. As a result, Dash is a pioneer decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Dash is similar to Bitcoin since it is completely decentralized. No single authority controls transactions and other activities on the blockchain. Instead, everything is recorded on the network’s distributed ledger, and all value transfers are transparent.

The DASH network comprises master nodes. These are servers whose resources get allocated to managing and verifying all transactions on the Dash network. This is done in return for a reward of Dash coins and fees. Although the use of master nodes does not seem so vital, the system gives the Dash network considerable processing power. It also allows for the inclusion of two unique Dash features: PrivateSend and InstantSend.

The PrivateSend feature, in particular, keeps all transactions on the ledger transparent but private. No one can dissect the transactions and pinpoint the source of coins or how much crypto cash is in various accounts. The Dash network was created with scalability in mind. It can accommodate more transactions per block than other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

When it comes to market capitalization, the DASH coin currently ranks 15th in early 2022 with a market cap at over $700 million. The coin’s trading volume is interestingly higher than that of better-known cryptocurrencies. This attests to its popularity and high adoption rate. You can buy and sell the Dash coin on dozens of exchanges, including Rubix.


What is USD?

The US Dollar is the most popular and widely traded currency globally. It is also the most dominant reserve currency in circulation. Although it is primarily used in the US, several other countries have adopted USD as their official or alternative currency. In addition, some central banks “peg” their currencies against the USD. In this case, the currencies are fixed to a specific rate against the Dollar.

Hong Kong, for instance, has its currency pegged at roughly HKD7.8. Therefore, you get 7.8 Hong Kong dollars for every US dollar. Whenever the risk aversion runs high, most traders prefer buying US Treasuries, which in turn increases the demand for US Dollars.

The Dollar was created by the Coinage Act of 1792. It specified that a dollar of currency would equate to between 317 and 416 grains of silver, whereas an “eagle” ($10) would be equal to between 247 and 270 gold grains. Initially, gold coins with equal weights were used. As such, the dollar value was identical to the weight of silver or gold on which it was based.

The US Dollar is regulated by the Federal Reserve System, which also serves as the central bank. The USD can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and altcoins, such as the DASH.


Convert DASH to USD using Rubix

The Rubix exchange is designed to help you exchange your DASH coins for the US Dollar and vice versa using real-time exchange rates. This is done directly from your Rubix account. You only need to load the wallet with the amount of Rubix coins you want to convert into USD to get started. Since the Rubix platform is compatible with major fiat currencies, you can conveniently transfer your newly-acquired dollars into your bank account.


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