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How to Convert DASH to USDC

The easiest way to convert DASH to USDC is by using a cryptocurrency exchange. Rubix is a leading exchange that offers its users the chance to convert DASH to USDC in the safest possible environment and with the most accurate market prices. For newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency, things can be pretty confusing. That’s why the Rubix platform has an intuitive design. In the past, completing this kind of transaction was a challenge, but now that exchanges like Rubix exist, it is as simple as clicking a button.



What is Dash?

DASH is a popular cryptocurrency that was forked from the Bitcoin blockchain back in 2014. The name is a portmanteau of digital cash and was rebranded several times after its launch before this name was eventually settled on. DASH also refers to the decentralized autonomous organization which is run by a group of users referred to as masternodes. Masternodes are responsible for the governance of the network and receive a total of 45% of the mining rewards with another 45% going towards the actual miners and the remaining 10% being allocated to the cryptocurrency’s governance budget. DASH has enjoyed high-profile coverage since its creation and by 2018 had established itself as one of the top 12 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Also, by 2019, DASH was heavily adopted in Venezuela and was the most popular cryptocurrency in the country.


What is USD Coin?

USD Coin is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. USDC is managed by Center, a consortium of several investors including the Bitcoin mining brand Bitmain. Converting USD into USDC involves USD being held in a reserve at an equivalent rate of the minting of USDC. Keeping a reserve of USD allows Center to keep the price of USDC pinned to a fiat currency. Cryptocurrency experts consider it one of the safest stablecoins available due to its transparency and popularity. USDC looks set to remain a reliable investment for people looking to back up their cryptocurrency portfolio with something tied to a real-world asset.


Convert DASH to USDC using Rubix

Here at Rubix, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate all kinds of cryptocurrency transactions. Our team works round the clock to ensure your transactions are processed at lightning-fast speeds and with world-class security in place. When using Rubix to convert DASH to USDC, you complete your transactions in the safest environment free from the risk of bad actors and unfair transaction fees.


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