A Better Way to Trade and Exchange Cryptocurrency in India

Do you want to start investing and trading in cryptocurrency in India? Rubix offers a safe platform with up-to-the-second rates for safely buying and selling all cryptocurrencies. The leading cryptocurrency trading platform allows people in India to exchange cryptocurrency, with over dozens different kinds available. Exchange your Indian Rupee (INR) using electronic devices and a secure internet connection.

We take your safety and security seriously, and Rubix is protected by layers of security to keep your trades safe. Your wallet has extra encryption and a two-step verification process keeping you secure.
How To Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies In India?
Buying cryptocurrency has never been easier with the safe, secure Rubix platform. Before you start buying Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies in India, you need to consider a few things.

How do you plan to use your cryptocurrency? If you're simply paying for goods and services, you may just wish to use Bitcoin, since it's the most commonly accepted. However, if you wish to invest, or speculate and trade, then there are dozens of different coins available. In fact, you don't even have to buy a whole coin! Rubix makes it easy to get started.

Don't forget – storing crypto is like storing cash, which means that you need to take steps to protect your wallet from loss or theft. Make sure to only connect and trade from secure platforms, like Rubix, and find the best online platform for storing your wallet. Rubix customers can safely store their wallets on our platform, and send or receive securely. You can connect to our site from anywhere, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Do you need to transfer money from your bank account? You can transfer funds, including INR, safely and securely, or transfer funds from your Rubix account to your bank. You'll have peace of mind when storing your crypto and flexible spending all over the world. Get started with Rubix today!

The most versatile crypto wallet.

The most versatile crypto wallet. Our crypto investment app lets you manage your crypto assets easily from any device.


Quickly purchase multiple types of cryptocurrency directly from our app using your debit or credit card.


Securely trade cryptocurrency, exchange coins, and diversify your portfolio with a simple interface. Monitor market trends right from your smartphone.


Easily sell your cryptocurrency assets for USD, deposited straight into your bank account.


Encrypted and invisible, your public and private keys are not available to other users. Rubix offers safe and secure transfers with our crypto wallet.


Designed for user experience, the Rubix app makes wallet management, coin exchange, and transfers convenient and simple.


With our proprietary infrastructure and a simple mobile interface, the Rubix app combines security and convenience.

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Use your credit card to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other currencies.
Develop a diverse portfolio through secure trades and transactions.
Access your wallet securely through a web browser or our smartphone app.
Send cryptocurrency to other users with bank-grade security.

We keep your money safe

Rubix is the best cryptocurrency exchange easily accessible through a web browser or smartphone. The advanced Rubix system allows for the best of both worlds: high-level security, alongside a convenient trading experience. Your Rubix wallet remains easily accessible while trades are handled with security, speed, and support.Rubix servers contain no financial data or sensitive information about users.

How it works

Sign up in minutes anywhere

Sign up in minutes anywhere

Our registration process is quick and convenient, so you can start managing your crypto assets right away and buy cryptocurrency. Create an account and explore our unique features.

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Purchase multiple crypto currencies with your credit card or debit card. Never has buying and trading cryptocurrency been so easy and secure.
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Build your ideal portfolio

Build your ideal portfolio

Explore our exchange and develop your personalized portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Diversify your investments, easily swap coins from your Rubix wallet, and sell cryptocurrency

Swap coins

Exchange digital currency directly from your browser or smartphone through our simple and decentralized system. All keys are encrypted and hidden from Rubix and other users for a secure transaction.
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Trade with friends

Trade with friends

Send and receive digital currency through the Rubix crypto wallet-platform. Our system combines convenient access with the security of a decentralized platform.

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