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How to Convert NEO to BNB

There are many ways people come to use the NEO network. Some NEO holders are businesses that receive them as payments for goods or services. Others may be NEO investors, who have been waiting for an increase in the rate for which they can exchange their NEO for BNB or other cryptocurrencies. No matter why, cryptocurrency exchanges like Rubix are where holders turn when they want to exchange NEO for BNB, quickly, conveniently and securely.

About NEO & BNB


What is Neo?

NEO is the name of the cryptocurrency that runs using the Neo blockchain. The Neo Genesis Block created 100 million NEO. Fifty million of these were sold though a 2016 initial coin offering. The remaining 50 million are held in “smart contracts”. First launched in 2014 as “Antshares”, the NEO cryptocurrency employs a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism among a group of approved nodes. The Neo blockchain network is reported to be capable of handling approximately 1,000 times the number of transactions that the Bitcoin blockchain can in a given timeframe. Many NEO investors and users point to the cryptocurrency’s transaction-processing capabilities.


What is Binance Coin?

BNB uses Proof-of-Authority as well as Proof-of-Stake concepts. When it comes time to trade NEO for BNB, consumers can trust Rubix for smooth, quick exchanges, every time. BNB has been among the largest-capitalized cryptocurrencies of the first years of the decentralized-finance boom. Some sources claim that the BNB blockchain can handle more than one million transactions per second. Those looking to trade BNB (or any other cryptocurrency) need only one place: your Rubix account, for safe, anonymous, and secure exchanges using industry-leading encryption and multi-factor authentication.


Convert NEO to BNB using Rubix

Those seeking to start a new position in or increase their holdings of BNB cryptocurrency with an exchange from NEO can accomplish their goal in one, easy-to-use process, using the Rubix cryptocurrency exchange. The Rubix platform is secure as its innovative account protections, including unique encryption and authentication features ensure full safeguarding of users’ investments. Many NEO and BNB consumers, traders, investors, and businesses, use Rubix as their one-stop shop for all their cryptocurrency buying, selling, and trading needs. Make long-term investments, receive payments for online sales and services, and settle all types of cryptocurrency transactions using the Rubix exchange.


About Neo to Binance Coin FAQs