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How to Convert ADA to USD

One of the greatest problems facing the cryptocurrency industry is the time and cost of transactions. However, Cardano (ADA) is one of the leaders in developing an efficient, reliable proof-of-stake system that could revolutionize the industry. If you want to bet on ADA’s future, you should consider using Rubix to efficiently convert ADA to USD and back as needed.

About ADA & USD


What is Cardano?

Cardano has many of the benefits of other coins such as BTC and LTC, including security and minimal central management. However, the developers behind ADA are working tirelessly to incorporate a proof-of-stake system that would give ADA a huge competitive advantage over other cryptocurrencies.


What is USD?

USD needs little explanation, as it is short for the US Dollar, one of the leading fiat currencies. If you’re buying cryptocurrency for investment purposes, it’s important to have an efficient, convenient conversion to a stable fiat currency such as USD.


Convert ADA to USD using Rubix

Acquiring USD is easy using the trading tools built into the Rubix wallet. Instead of going to an ADA exchange and converting to USD, you can trade for ADA directly from your Rubix wallet. This feature supports not just ADA trading, but most major cryptocurrencies which you can easily exchange. You can even exchange ADA for fiat currencies, like the US Dollar and Euro. Rubix offers a simple way to manage your cryptocurrency assets. Pay for products, send funds, and make bets with friends — all while knowing your funds are safe. Keep your ADA secure with Rubix.


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