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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert ADA to USDC

How to Convert ADA to USDC

When you want to experiment with stablecoins, use Rubix to convert ADA to a fiat-backed currency like USDC. Rubix charges minimal fees so you do not lose a large percentage of your funds during the process. Exchanges work quickly — you will have new funds in your portfolio in moments so you can experiment with your new tokens. Afterward, you can keep your USDC on the exchange or use it on a relevant blockchain.

About ADA & USDC


What is Cardano?

While Ethereum requires high amounts of processing power, Cardano requires much less power for the same transactions. This is due to the Proof-of-Stake protocol that rewards validators who stake their coins. The network adds the transaction to the blockchain and compensates the participating validators. If you do not want to stake, you can still earn by holding your ADA as an investment.

ADA is the native currency on the Cardano blockchain. Earn ADA by participating in the network, or buy ADA from Rubix to start investing. You can use ADA with smart contracts and other assets.


What is USD Coin?

USD Coin is a token that is backed with the US dollar as collateral. Since each token equals $1, you can easily exchange USD Coin for fiat currency, making it easy to liquify your assets. Coinbase and Circle keep the USD collateral in reserves to maintain the token’s integrity. Since USD Coin is an ERC-20 token, you can use USDC on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike regular tokens, which dramatically fluctuate in price, USD Coin is relatively stable due to the USD backing. Buy USD Coin from Rubix to add stability to your portfolio. If one investment plunges, you could use USD Coin as a backup. The stability also makes USD Coin great for exchanges and overseas transactions.


Convert ADA to USDC using Rubix

Rubix offers a streamlined platform where you can manage ADA, USDC and other currencies with a few taps on your smartphone. Check your portfolio’s value, view the current market prices and decide if you want to buy, sell or hold onto your investments. Download the app, or visit the website if you prefer trading through your browser.

Long-term traders stick with their investments for a few months while short-term traders buy and sell rapidly to make incremental profits. Either way, Rubix offers tools to buy, sell, trade, send and receive through the same platform. Your free digital wallet tracks your portfolio and records transactions so you are always on top of your investments.


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