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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert ADA to USDT

How to Convert ADA to USDT

Rubix allows you to exchange ADA for USDT directly, from a streamlined platform. You can jump onto new technologies or sell your coins when they become profitable. Sign up for a free account, add funds and start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Before you convert ADA for USDT, use the Rubix platform to check out the market prices. If ADA does well, you might want to hold onto your investment. Exchanging ADA for USDT could mean profits later — but like in any other market, nothing is guaranteed. Use Rubix to watch the market and evaluate the risks and benefits.

About ADA & USDT


What is Cardano?

In 2015, Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson started developing Cardano. Like Ethereum, Cardano supports games, tokens and apps, providing flexibility for developers. However, Cardano aims to be more environmentally friendly than coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum that require large amounts of energy to operate.

Instead of Proof-of-Work, Cardano operates with Proof-of-Stake, which relies on validators instead of miners. This requires less processing power, making Cardano better for the environment. Cardano is also faster than other blockchains — theoretically, Cardano can process over a million transactions per second.

ADA is the cryptocurrency that fuels Cardano. If you are a validator, you will receive ADA in exchange for your work. ADA also powers transactions and allows validators to invest directly in the blockchain.


What is Tether?

While other tokens rise and plunge dramatically in price, Tether aims to remain stable by backing each token with a US dollar. Tether provides a steadier investment that may not yield huge profits but is less likely to cause massive losses. If regular tokens make up most of your portfolio, consider buying Tether as a “fallback” for your investments.

Stablecoins like Tether are easier to exchange and have lower transaction fees. You can also use Tether to take advantage of the convenience of the blockchain. Tether keeps USD in reserves to ensure that each token has one US dollar as collateral.

Initially called RealCoin in 2014, the token became Tether and appeared on exchanges in 2015. Since Tether was one of the first stablecoins, it has attracted an audience throughout the world. Customers regularly convert tokens to USDT, including Bitcoin, when they need to liquify their assets.


Convert ADA to USDT using Rubix

Signing up for Rubix is 100% free — no subscriptions or entrance fees. In fact, you can explore the app for days before you decide to buy a token. Make your account, add funds and buy cryptocurrency to join the exchange. Rubix supports cryptocurrencies like ADA, USDT and BTC as well as fiat currencies like USD.

When you open the app, Rubix greets you with a clear readout of your portfolio value. Next, you will see a list of tokens with the current market prices and whether they have increased or decreased in value. See how ADA is doing and decide if you want to convert your ADA to a stablecoin. Afterward, initiate a trade with only a few taps.

If you prefer to use your browser, the Rubix website displays your portfolio value next to the market graphs. View the prices across your chosen timeline, then make informed decisions when you buy, sell and trade ADA and USDT directly through the platform.


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