BTG to BNB Converter

Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert BTG to BNB

How to Convert BTG to BNB

Want to convert your Bitcoin Gold (BTG) to Binance Coins (BNB) using a fast, secure, and affordable exchange platform? Convert them with Rubix. Rubix is an exchange platform that enables users to trade their coins.

The conversion is a quick and easy four-step process:
1. You need to open an account on the Rubix platform.
2. Once the account is open, you can go on the BTG to BNB option.
3. Input the amount they want to exchange.
4. Finalize the trade.

You can then hold, sell or trade the exchanged amount or withdraw it into your cold wallet. With Rubix users can make trades and transactions safely.

About BTG & BNB


What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork cryptocurrency generated out of Bitcoin’s blockchain. A hard fork is a radical change on a network — Bitcoin’s blockchain —creating two potential paths forward, known as a change in protocol.

The change is significant in improving the performance of the network. BTG provides access to mining for ordinary people, who can use their GPUs and help with the decentralization. You can buy, purchase or exchange BTG using the Rubix platform.


What is Binance Coin?

BNB is a token of the Binance blockchain. It launched in 2017 on the Ethereum blockchain. However, in 2019, the coin migrated to its network. Currently, it is the primary token of the Binance exchange. The coin’s purpose is to boost cryptocurrency exchange.

Users cannot mine BNB. In its Initial Public Offer (IPO), there were 200 million BNB coins issued. However, this initial supply gets systematically destroyed using a process called burning. The Binance burn increases the digital coin’s store of value by decreasing this reserve over time. Additionally, the supply reduction makes it inflation-resistant.

Nearly $35 million worth of BNB has burned since the crypto’s inception in 2017. The burns take place quarterly. The aim is to reduce the initial supply to 100 million coins. You can buy, sell, or transfer your BNB coins using the Rubix exchange platform.


Convert BTG to BNB using Rubix

Rubix is a safe, convenient, and effective platform to convert BTG to BNB. Before cryptocurrency exchanges, it was tough for miners and enthusiasts to find users needing to trade their cryptocurrencies.

You only need to sign up for an account and make the first deposit. Aside from security, Rubix has a user-friendly interface with automated functions to quicken the delivery process. Once you go to the BTG to BNB converter tool, a calculator pops up and computes the exchange rate for the two crypto coins. You can then input the amount of BTG you want to convert to BNB and then complete the trade.

The exchange process in Rubix is secure. Rubix uses a robust security system, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and an innovative account protection system to provide maximum security and privacy to users. Users can purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrency 24/7 using their Rubix account from anywhere in the world.


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