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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert BTG to USDC

How to Convert BTG to USDC

Convert traditional cryptocurrency for a stablecoin with Rubix. Simply sign up for an account, deposit funds and later, you can trade your tokens for a variety of currencies on the Rubix platform. When you log on, Rubix greets you with your portfolio’s current value so you can easily assess your funds and buy, trade or sell tokens as needed.

About BTG & USDC


What is Bitcoin Gold?

As Bitcoin rose in popularity, miners used technology and equipment to complete the computations, giving them an advantage over miners without specialized equipment. This allowed miners to dominate the Bitcoin ecosystem and earn the majority of the rewards. Bitcoin Gold aims to fix that with a mining process that does not require pricey equipment. Since everyone mines at the same speed, Bitcoin Gold is purportedly more decentralized than regular Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gold is an open source project that allows developers to contribute to the ecosystem. Businesses in dozens of countries accept Bitcoin Gold as a form of payment.


What is USD Coin?

USD Coin is a stablecoin backed at a 1:1 ratio by the US dollar. For each USD Coin, the system stores $1 in a reserve. Customers can easily exchange USD Coin for cash to liquefy their assets. Since USD Coin is a cryptocurrency, the currency offers the same value as the USD dollar but with increased transparency, versatility and flexibility, especially on a global scale.

While other cryptocurrencies drastically fluctuate in price, stablecoins theoretically have a steady price with almost no fluctuations. Since USD Coin is an ERC-20 token, you can use this currency on the Ethereum system. This provides access to the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain, like apps and smart contracts.


Convert BTG to USDC using Rubix

Since USDC should not fluctuate drastically, you are less likely to watch your investments plummet. No need to rapidly trade within minutes — simply keep USDC in your wallet for the next several days or weeks. You could also use your USDC for buying products or services, sending money to friends or joining the Ethereum blockchain.

Not satisfied with USDC? Convert your tokens for one of the dozens of options on Rubix, including major currencies, niche tokens and fiat currencies like the dollar and euro. You can continue long-term trading or experiment with short-term trading by rapidly buying and selling your tokens as the prices fluctuate. Cash out any time when you are satisfied with your profits.


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