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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert BTG to ETH

How to Convert BTG to ETH

In the past, one needed to find a buyer willing to supply Ethereum in exchange for Bitcoin Gold. This process was highly cumbersome and borderline frustrating. Crypto exchanges, however, have revolutionized the procedure by creating platforms that allow for the seamless trading of various coins. This has made the affair a lot more efficient.

Rubix has been hailed as one of the best platforms to exchange various types of cryptocurrencies. The platform features a user-friendly interface that facilitates the trades. Rubix also sets itself apart due to its prioritization of security in its business model. The platform has a tested and robust security system that guarantees the trader a safe and secure experience.

You need to create an account with the application to get started. Once all set, you will gain access to resources that will help you exchange BTG for ETH. Finally, you can transfer the currencies directly to your wallet or bank account when all transactions are done.

About BTG & ETH


What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a type of cryptocurrency with the foundation of Bitcoin. It is typically mined using a graphical processing unit (GPU). This means anyone within the network contributes to the decentralization.

The existence of BTG can be attributed to the Bitcoin mining process. Mining involves solving intricate computational problems to validate digital transactions on a blockchain. The development of a new (Proof-of-Work) algorithm in the mining pipeline leveled the playing field for individuals and major mining corporations. This gave it an edge over regular Bitcoin.


What is Ethereum?

Ether (ETH) is a cryptocurrency that is supported on its native Ethereum blockchain. Like many cryptocurrencies, it uses blockchain technology and distributed ledger to ensure it remains transparent and secure.

ETH has been dubbed the “world’s programmable blockchain” due to its myriad applications one can make use of daily. It provides financial products access and a value-based private peer-to-peer network and minimizes government intervention through its decentralized feature.


Convert BTG to ETH using Rubix

Using Rubix for the conversion process of BTG to ETH is straightforward and secure. The brand is also trustworthy as the firm takes the handling of the users’ data and investments very seriously.

The distinguishing trait in Rubix compared to other exchanges is its ease of navigation inside the platform. The app requires you to fill in only a few details to gain access to its trading tools. Once you have access, you can leverage the converter feature to convert Bitcoin Gold into Ethereum and many other currencies. The platform also allows you to withdraw your funds directly into your cold wallet or bank account after the transactions are complete.

Availability of liquidity is one of the main benefits of using the Rubix app. Liquidity impacts your cost basis on the trades hence affecting your transaction expense. It is cost-efficient to convert currencies via the Rubix app.


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