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How to Convert QTUM to LTC

Qtum and Litecoin are both ambitious cryptocurrencies with their sights set on toppling the major players in the industry. While Litecoin is a more agile version of Bitcoin with faster trading, Qtum incorporates the technological innovations of Ethereum while bringing new advances to the table. They are both exciting cryptocurrencies to watch, and if you want to trade them, you will need a QTUM to LTC converter like Rubix.

Achieve fast, easy QTUM to LTC conversion by using Rubix. Your first step is to create an account, after which you will set up your new crypto wallet. You can gain QTUM in your Rubix account by trading for it with other currencies on our platform or by depositing it directly. Once you have QTUM on your balance, you can set up a QTUM to LTC currency pair. Then, check out the latest exchange rate, see if the trade appeals to you, and approve the exchange if it matches your expectations. Once you have done this, you will have replaced the QTUM you wanted to trade with the new LTC.

About QTUM & LTC


What is Qtum?

Qtum stands as a synthesis of the technology of Ethereum as it adopts the programmable smart functionalities. Furthermore, the coin improves on its predecessor with a level of scalability that makes it ideal for large organizations to use as well as Proof-of-Stake. With PoS consensus, it also achieves a much higher level of environmental friendliness than Ethereum while providing a profitable venue for major stakeholders to run validator nodes. In doing so, these stakeholders power the QTUM transaction network in exchange for transaction fees.


What is Litecoin?

While Bitcoin is still the most significant player in the crypto industry, LTC stands as something like a little brother to the major currency. Litecoin is based on Bitcoin’s original technology but incorporates some key innovations that give it an edge in speed. What that means is that Litecoin transactions take place much faster, at a lower cost as well. Unfortunately, this has not yet enabled LTC to overcome the original in terms of price or adoption, but it is nonetheless a popular coin within the crypto space.

While LTC has historically been quite volatile, it has survived many bear markets and has posted impressive gains overall. The coin has its true believers who are passionate about LTC, but many people also use it to diversify their crypto holdings. If there is any advantage that LTC has which may make it a big success, it is the quick, convenient transaction speeds that give it considerable potential as a medium of exchange.


Convert QTUM to LTC using Rubix

Rubix is an excellent choice if you want to convert QTUM to LTC. Our high levels of liquidity for these and other cryptocurrencies mean that you can trade more quickly and easily, saving on fees and exploiting the latest price trends. However, these are not the only reasons to convert QTUM to LTC using Rubix. Some other benefits include that our platform is extremely easy to navigate, that we boast high-grade trading tools with real-time data, and that our security is top-notch.


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