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How to Convert QTUM to USD

Easily convert QTUM to USD seconds with Rubix. Rubix makes trading QTUM to USD super fast & convenient.

Qtum and USD do not have much in common. While the dollar is the exact fiat currency that cryptocurrencies dream of replacing, QTUM itself is a perfect representation of the ambition that characterizes many crypto projects. It is one of the most advanced iterations of blockchain technology, with a combination of Ethereum’s fundamentals and its own new innovations. Anyone who is getting into crypto trading needs to understand the potential of Qtum as well as the utility of the US Dollar.

If you want to convert QTUM for trading purposes or to cash out, USD is an excellent choice. It is the most liquid, easily-available currency in the world and has stable short-term value. The best way to conduct such a conversion is by signing up for Rubix. Once you have a working account, you can follow our instructions on the website to place your QTUM in the wallet. From here, you will be able to set up a pairing to trade QTUM to USD. Our trading tools will track the latest exchange rate and provide you with a fair price to convert your QTUM. Approve the trade and our top-level liquidity will ensure you rapidly receive your USD.

About QTUM & USD


What is Qtum?

Patrick Dai, Jordan Earls, and Neil Mahl started Qtum in 2016 and launched its initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. Qtum is a technologically interesting project because it incorporates original developments with characteristics from Ethereum and Bitcoin. While many coins have still not incorporated energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake, QTUM has a successful implementation of it. Much like ETH, QTUM is programming-friendly and supports smart contracts and apps that make it a promising component of the crypto ecosystem.


What is USD?

USD needs little introduction since it stands as the leading global currency and the foundation of the global economy. As a fiat currency, it is subject to the often inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank. USD is an inflationary asset, which means that the value of your dollars is constantly dropping. However, the fact that USD is globally available and that U.S. monetary policy is relatively responsible, means that the currency is easy to access and has stable short-term value. It is an excellent medium of exchange and a great tool to buy different cryptocurrencies and pay for day-to-day services. When you need to convert your QTUM over to USD, choose Rubix for a quick and fair trading experience.


Convert QTUM to USD using Rubix

Converting QTUM to USD using Rubix is an ideal choice thanks to our fast, responsive trading technology and high liquidity. Qtum and other cryptocurrencies can see rapid price changes, so having the latest information makes a critical difference. Furthermore, Rubix uses the latest encryption methods to avert the sort of leaks that have hit major exchanges in the past and cost traders heavily. Signing up for an account is straightforward and easy, so you can get your start in cryptocurrency off on the right foot.


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