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How to Convert USDT to BNB

In the past, the only way to convert USDT to BNB was to search the web for someone who owned the cryptocurrency and was willing to make a trade. If you think this process sounds time-consuming and unsafe, you are not alone. Fortunately, crypto trades are easier than ever now, thanks to platforms like Rubix.

About USDT & BNB


What is Tether?

Tether (USDT) is a blockchain-based crypto token that is native to the Tether network. Originally called Realcoin, it was created in 2014 by three Santa Monica entrepreneurs: Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins, and Craig Sellars. Their goal was to combine the security of centralized currencies with the unique digital currency formula.

USDT belongs to a class of cryptocurrencies called “stablecoins”, which are digital assets backed to a fiat currency. It is currently fixed to the U.S. dollar and aims to maintain a fixed 1:1 exchange ratio. By staking its value to an established currency, Tether avoids the volatility issues seen in decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


What is Binance Coin?

BNB, or Binance Coin, is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2017 by Chinese-Canadian coder Changpeng Zhao. It was originally based on the Ethereum network, but it has since become the native currency of its own blockchain (the Binance chain). When it was first created, BNB was used as a utility token to lower trading fees. Now, ii is used to purchase many online services, from retail products to travel bookings.

To help reduce the risk of its value dropping, a maximum of 200 million BNB tokens were made in 2017. The Binance chain periodically uses a portion of its profits to burn some of its own coins. This method has helped the cryptocurrency find success: in 2021, it was the largest crypto exchange and supported over 1 million transactions per second.


Convert USDT to BNB using Rubix

After acquiring USDT, you have two main options: you can keep it, or you can exchange it for another currency (such as BNB). If you have recently obtained your USDT, you may be interested in making a trade. The easiest way to convert your USDT to BNB is to use the built-in trading tools available on the Rubix site. In addition to USDT to BNB exchanges, you can trade most major cryptocurrencies and even fiat currencies.


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