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How to Convert USDT to USD

When using Rubix, converting USDT to USD is as simple as clicking a button. Now you can complete these transactions and so much more via our intuitive platform. Register for an account, and you can begin converting your USD to USDT and a huge range of other cryptocurrencies. The team at Rubix works round the clock to ensure your transactions process smoothly.

About USDT & USD

Using Rubix is a great means of purchasing and holding USDT and USD as well as a broad range of other cryptocurrencies.


What is Tether?

USDT, also known as Tether, is a stablecoin. The value of stablecoins is tied to the value of traditional fiat currencies, usually the United States Dollar. Tether is appealing to many as its holders can be protected from the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. The Tether whitepaper was published in early 2012 and was well-received by the cryptocurrency community. With the value of Tether backed by USD, investors use this coin as a way of backing up their cryptocurrency investments when prices tend to fall down.


What is USD?

USD is the currency of the United States of America. It is also the official currency in several other nations, including Panama and Ecuador. For several decades, USD has been the world’s primary reserve currency. This means that USD has been stored in reserves by financial institutions worldwide to help them manage international debt, influence the exchange rate, and prepare for large-scale investments. USD is managed by the Federal Reserve. The popularity of USD among global financial institutions has resulted in the USD being one of the most common exchanges in foreign exchange markets. Furthermore, as one of the most popular forms of currency globally, it is possible to exchange USD directly to countless other cryptocurrencies, including USDT, via Rubix’s platform.


Convert USDT to USD using Rubix

With Rubix, you can convert your USDT to USD at the click of a button. Our industry-leading security means that all of your trades are safe and that there is no risk of you losing your USDT or USD. The trading tools built into the Rubix account allow you to make light work of all your cryptocurrency exchanges and also provide you with accurate market prices. Also, you can exchange and convert your USDT or USD to a range of crypto and fiat currencies. The Rubix platform always adds new cryptocurrencies to deliver the best service possible to its users.


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