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The New Economy Movement or NEM aims to develop an innovative and more technologically advanced blockchain. It also seeks to position itself as not just another altcoin on a blockchain. NEM refers to itself as a Smart Asset Blockchain and is a technology platform dedicated to offering users an efficient way of managing data and assets quickly and affordably.

NEM is an ecosystem of platforms that use cryptography and blockchain to offer solutions to individuals and businesses. It started in 2015 as a fork-out version of NXT, yet another popular payment network platform and blockchain-based virtual currency.

After its foundation, the company decided to create its own codebase to advance NEM and make it faster and more scalable, thus developing a new crypto platform. The newly developed cryptocurrency platform that is NEM is entirely different from the original NXT.

NEM has a cryptocurrency called XEM supported on the NIS1 public blockchain. NIS1 works the same way as Bitcoin in that it has a network of distributed nodes that record and process all transactions on a ledger titled blockchain.

These independent nodes are then encouraged to contribute their incentive and time to remain incorruptible using transaction fee rewards. The rewards are usually paid out in XEM coins to every single node that adds a new block of transactions to the blockchain.

While merchants are not necessarily using XEM as a means of payment like Bitcoin, it has grown significantly in value over the years. As of October 2021, XEM had the 75th highest market cap among cryptos. NEM currently supports the Nano wallet only.

Who created XEM?

The creators of XEM have preferred to stay anonymous, only going by their bitcointalk.org pseudonyms, BloodyRookie, Jaguar0625, and Gimre. Since the three developers began the platform, it has grown from a personal project to an extensive ecosystem that supports several platforms.

The NEM Group currently manages and oversees the overall development and promotion of the NEM cryptocurrency. NEM Group is a company meant to support the growth of the crypto ecosystem resulting in the launch of Symbol.

NEM Group was created by a group of experienced enterprise veterans and representatives of the NEM ecosystem. The company’s board of directors sets the budgets and strategies and ensures that all subsidiaries work toward a general objective.

The company consists of three separate bodies, namely:,- NEM Software – Focuses on business and product development,- NEM Trading – Manages finances, liquidity, token lending, and exchange support,- NEM Ventures – Focuses on creating strategic partnerships

How do I exchange and trade NEM?

To exchange and trade NEM, you will need to obtain a NEM wallet to ensure your XEM coins are safe. You can also keep your XEM coins on a reliable exchange like Rubix. Once you have NEM in your account, you can go ahead and use it to hold, buy or trade just like you would with other currencies. You can also convert NEM into other cryptocurrencies, including fiat currencies like EUR or USD. Depending on the platform you are trading in, you can trade using various tools.

NEM trades on Rubix are fast and straightforward. We guarantee your security and privacy with our top-of-the-line software tools with every NEM trade you make. Our user interface is designed to be easy to use and can even be used by a novice in cryptocurrency. What’s more, you can access NEM in your account from anywhere at any time, even through your smartphone.


Exchange XEM using Rubix

Exchanging and trading XEM on Rubix is straightforward. Here are the steps to get you started on your journey:,- Set up an account on Rubix.io,- Fund your wallet. You can fund your wallet by using your debit or credit cards. Rubix also accepts direct transfers from your bank account and other crypto wallets,And that’s it. You can now start exchanging XEM on Rubix in two simple steps. Our support and design teams have made it easy for anyone to deposit the assets they need to fund their portfolio. The best part about trading on Rubix is that trades occur in real-time.

You also get advanced security that enables you to get a fair and honest record for every transaction you make. When your XEM appears in your dashboard, you are set to start. You can manage your XEM coins the same way you would manage any other currency, that is, by placing direct orders to sell, buy and trade your assets.