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How to Convert ONT to BTC

When you need to convert ONT to BTC, one option is to search for someone who holds BTC and is willing to trade it for ONT. This process can take a long time and is often inconvenient, not to mention potentially insecure. A better option is to use a crypto exchange, such as Rubix to perform on-demand, immediate conversions from ONT to BTC.

About ONT & BTC


What is Ontology?

Ontology is an innovative new blockchain that was created to provide data solutions to Web3 and allow companies with little cryptocurrency experience to use blockchain technology. The ONT coin is the primary currency on the Ontology blockchain. In 2017, the Ontology platform was created by a company known as OnChain. This company is based in China and also founded the NEO blockchain, which gave rise to the NEO cryptocurrency. ONT coin supply is limited to 1 billion coins. After its release in 2018, the value of ONT increased.


What is Bitcoin?

As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is perhaps the most well-known. This digital currency was created in January 2009 and based on ideas published in a white paper by a mysterious individual known as Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity has never been determined for certain. Over the years, the value of Bitcoin has varied dramatically, although the overall trajectory has been upward. BTC is a more widely accepted form of payment than most other cryptocurrencies, although many altcoins based on similar technology have been set up as competitors. BTC is popular with investors, traders, and people who want to use cryptocurrency to accept payments or pay for goods and services.


Convert ONT to BTC using Rubix

The best way to convert ONT to BTC is to use the trading tools that are built right into the Rubix account. Many cryptocurrency holders and traders find this method much easier than going to a separate exchange. Rubix’s trading tools not only supports trading between ONT and BTC, but also conversion of most other major cryptocurrencies. The most important fiat currencies are also supported, including the U.S. Dollar and Euro. Rubix provides an easy and quick way to convert cryptocurrency assets. You can also use your wallet to store funds, pay for services or products, and send money to friends – all safe in the knowledge that Rubix security features are in place to keep your funds safe.


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