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Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert ONT to USDC

How to Convert ONT to USDC

Owners of ONT often seek ways to convert their ONT to a stablecoin like USDC, or any other cryptocurrency. Some have held ONT since it was introduced to NEO cryptocurrency holders. Others purchase ONT as an investment, hoping its value relative to fiat or other coins will rise. Finally, some people use ONT for payments to receive services and goods. No matter why, the Rubix exchange provides an easy, convenient way to manage cryptocurrency transactions like ONT to USDC. Open an account, transfer your ONT in, and trade it for USDC at the current exchange rate efficiently and smoothly.

About ONT & USDC


What is Ontology?

The Ontology network is the home to two native coins, which “power” its activities. The first is ONT, which initially was distributed as airdrop to holders of the NEO cryptocurrency in 2018. Each ONT coin then “releases” ONG, Ontology Gas, once a year for 18 years. ONT is a volatile, but actively traded cryptocurrency that is exchanged between users all around the globe on a daily basis. Rubix offers trading between ONT, USDC, fiat, and an impressive list of other cryptocurrencies, for investors, consumers, and businesses.


What is USD Coin?

With the market capitalization USD Coin boasts, It is no wonder that it is among the most actively traded cryptocurrencies in the world today. Available for exchange for secure Rubix account holders, as a stablecoin, USD Coin is “pegged” to the U.S. dollar; each digital USD Coin issued is valued at one US Dollar. USD Coin has lived up to the stablecoin label well throughout its observable trading history, seldom straying far from dollar parity. Some investors seek to generate profits by trading price volatility in cryptocurrencies and then parking capital in the perceived safety of stablecoins like USD Coin for safekeeping when not active. Regardless of the reason, investors wishing to buy, sell, trade, or hold USD Coin have the power of the safe Rubix exchange at their fingertips.


Convert ONT to USDC using Rubix

The new, innovative Rubix exchange offers anonymous trading in both the ONT and USDC cryptocurrencies. Speculators and investors may make ONT/USDC exchanges to capture profits or avoid risk. Businesses and individuals use USDC to send and receive payments for goods and services. No matter how ONT has been acquired, Rubix exchange, which employs unique account protections, can help holders manage it. Simply open a Rubix account, transfer your ONT tokens into it, monitor the ONT/USDC exchange rate, and place a trade when the time is right. The amount of ONT specified by the user is deducted and replaced by the amount of USDC corresponding to the exchange rate at the time of the trade.


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