ONT to ETH Converter

Rubix provides a faster, more secure way to convert ONT to ETH

How to Convert ONT to ETH

The Rubix cryptocurrency exchange provides a place for ONT holders to exchange for ETH, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain — easily and securely. Opening an account with Rubix is simple and easy. Once open, users can move in their ONT, keep track of the ONT/ETH exchange rate, and place trades. Rubix is also the perfect place to securely hold ETH with peace of mind once a conversion from ONT is complete.

About ONT & ETH


What is Ontology?

ONT is the cryptocurrency of Ontology blockchain. First launched on the NEO blockchain, as a dividend of sorts to NEO cryptocurrency holders, it now resides on its own, open-source network. ONT “releases” related ONG tokens (Ontology Gas) each year for 18 years following their creation in 2018. These released ONG tokens are intended to be used in enterprise-level blockchains customizable for different applications. Following its introduction, the value of ONT relative to both the U.S. dollar and BTC declined drastically. Rubix’s easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange gives ONT holders the ability to trade for ETH and monitor exchange rates.


What is Ethereum?

The second most widely held and traded cryptocurrency, Ether is the token native to the Ethereum blockchain. Other token of ERC-20 standard also run on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has been used to develop decentralized applications, and it facilitates the creation and exchange of non-fungible tokens. First launched in an initial coin offering for less than $3, the exponential increase in the value of the cryptocurrency has created uncommon wealth. When choosing to trade ONT, or any other cryptocurrency, for ETH, the Rubix exchange offers an excellent platform, which is intuitive and easy to use. Rubix’s trading interface allows those who possess ETH to observe the value of their cryptocurrency relative to both fiat and other coins, and make trades as needed.


Convert ONT to ETH using Rubix

Today, cryptocurrency is touching the lives of more and more people. Individuals and businesses around the world use ONT each day as investment, to pay bills and services, give gifts, and even donate to charity. Rubix is a new, innovative exchange that allows everyday people and businesses to transact all their cryptocurrency needs in one easy-to-manage location. Using best in-industry security measures, Rubix gives ONT holders the information and tools they need to make the best decisions possible. Take advantage of changing market trends with the confidence of your investment being fully protected.


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