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How to Convert ONT to USD

If you want to convert your cryptocurrency tokens, such as ONT to fiat currencies like USD, there are more options available than ever before. Rather than searching for an individual who wants to buy all your ONT tokens for USD at the best price, you can use the Rubix exchange to convert your ONT to USD quickly, easily and securely.

Simply sign up for our secure platform, transfer your ONT to your account and use the app to make a straightforward conversion to USD at the latest market rate.

About ONT & USD


What is Ontology?

Ontology is a relatively new blockchain launched in 2017. The aim of this project is to give companies the ability to integrate the blockchain into their business model. Users can get the most out of the blockchain by producing customizing blockchains for decentralized apps. As well as the ONT token, the Ontology platform also has another token, known as Ontology Gas (ONG).

Ontology was created by the Chinese company OnChain with experts Erik Zhang, Jun Li and Da HongFei heading the project. OnChain also founded the NEO blockchain. The ONT token was created with a cap of one billion coins.


What is USD?

USD is the acronym for the US Dollar, the fiat currency issued in the U.S. which is also the primary currency of the United States of America, first issued in 1785. The USD has been used as the world’s main reserve currency for several decades and is used as the primary pairing on most foreign exchange markets.

Although the USD was originally based on a gold reserve held across several sites in the USA, it has been a free-floating fiat currency since 1971. Now, instead of holding gold or silver reserves, many countries now keep USD as their hedge against inflation.


Convert ONT to USD using Rubix

The trading tools built into the Rubix wallet make it easy to convert ONT to USD. The platform supports all of the major cryptocurrencies and we are adding new ones all the time. As well as USD you can also exchange your ONT tokens directly for one of a range of other fiat currencies or trade them for other crypto tokens.

Manage all of your cryptocurrencies with Rubix and make place trades easily. Pay for products and services and send funds to friends and family, all while remaining confident that your funds are safe with our exchange.


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